Molly: A Pre-Vacation In-Progress

Our wonderful Molly is off on some big adventures right now. Over the weekend she got on a plane to Germany, where she will be doing a guest spot in Berlin! She’ll be back at Witch City Ink the week of the 15th, and in the meantime, consults can booked for her return if you call the shop at 978.744.9393.

Here are a couple of pieces that she started shortly before leaving:

A Bit of Black & Grey

As October rolls on, each weekend is a little busier than the last. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great new clients, as well as working with some of the old.

Steve did this massive rosary on a very friendly guy who was visiting Salem with his family. He sat like a champ!

Molly was the genius behind this next tattoo, which was on a lady’s inner bicep. Molly freehanded the outline on her, shown below in the first picture.

Finished (click for larger):

Natan did these steampunk locks and keys on a wonderful couple. We really do have the best clients. Hers was actually done last week, but his was done today.

Hers (and again, please forgive the redness that goes along with new tattoos):


Some Black and Grey by Natan

I know it seems like we’ve been blogging about everyone but Natan these days. This does not mean that he’s been tattooing less — in fact, he’s busier than ever as of late. Quite a few of his recent pieces are larger and spanning multiple sessions, so we can’t share those with you yet, but trust us when we say they’re worth the wait. His “smaller” pieces are coming out beautifully as well, and we’re excited to share these two with you today.

The first is an eagle on an extremely tough guy’s ribcage/side. He sat for hours without complaint, and then was kind enough to pay Natan a visit so he could take photos after the tattoo had healed a bit.

Second is a portrait of a lovely young lady, done on her father. Now that’s parental pride right there. She didn’t know this was being done, and we wish we could be there to witness her reaction!

Natan has very limited appointments available between now and the end of October, but we are always more than happy to set up a consult for you to get your next piece started as soon as possible! Give us a call any time: 978.744.9393

Molly and the Tribal Coverup

Any tattooer that knows what they’re doing can tell you that coverups can be tricky things. It truly takes skill to execute a coverup piece that looks good — and not completely obvious.

There are many great things about this piece done by Molly. Including this (words straight from Molly’s fingertips): “This is a cover up of a very large, thick, tribal arm band on Adam’s forearm. The top part is all healed and the lower half is fresher.”

And here is a shot of the healed shoulder, without the (pesky yet occasionally unavoidable) glare:

Skulls, Soldiers and Flowers

Judging by the chill in the air this morning, summer may officially be over, but things aren’t slowing down over here at Witch City Ink. We’ve been plenty busy this week making people happy with their new tattoos!

Molly did this lovely lotus flower on a very nice young lady’s calf. Lotus flowers are often seen a symbol of divine beauty, and this tattoo is no exception.

Steve finished this in an absurdly short amount of time! What’s better than a skull? A crystal skull.

Whenever someone comes into the shop requesting something traditional, we will usually refer them to PJ. Few things make him happier than getting to tattoo in this style.

And last but not least, Natan did this piece on a brave fellow’s side. Perhaps you might recognize it?

We’re already starting to book appointments for October, so if you’re planning on coming to Salem for the autumn/Halloween season and want to get tattooed by us, you might want to contact us in the next few weeks!

New Work by Natan: Cherubs and Roses

As part of a live demonstration for today’s Salem Arts Festival, Natan completed this black and grey cherubs piece. Although he is most well-known for his bold, vivacious, and colorful style, Natan also relishes the opportunity to tackle projects necessitating soft black and grey work. While still maintaining strong foundational elements, this piece allowed Natan the chance to focus primarily on conveying the forms of the cherubs and roses through rendering and tone.

Check out more of Natan’s projects under his portfolio page and give us a call in the shop to book a free consult with him today!

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978 744 9393

New Work by Molly: Angel/Demon Backpiece

Molly just finished up this black and grey angel and demon back piece the other week. Molly comes from a strong figure-drawing background and put in a lot of leg-work on the drawing for this piece. After numerous anatomical studies and sketches, Molly got her drawing finalized and tattooed it all in there. Molly's always a champ with any black and grey work, figurative pieces, or anything illustrative so m

ake sure to give us a call if you have any custom projects in mind for her!


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New Work: Cross with Rosary Beads by Natan

Recently Natan finished up a variety of new work, ranging from religious pieces to traditional Japanese. This detailed cross with rosary beads focuses on tight, crisp details, a subtle use of green highlights, and a smooth organic flow, as directed by the motion of the rosary beads. Although this was certainly a subject matter that Natan has covered extensively in his work, he was able to find a way to push this piece in a different direction

than any of his past crosses.

Cross with Rosary Beads

Cross with Rosary Beads

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New Work: Stone Lion tattoo by Natan

Just the other day Natan got the chance to tattoo this big stone lion piece on a young new client of his. In this piece, Natan really concentrated on experimenting with a couple of different techniques based around developing realistic light sources, subtly implying different textures, and balancing a variety of line weights. Even though it was this client's first tattoo, he let Natan tattoo it large enough to fill up the majority of his ribs and sat through a full four hour session, allowing Natan to really pack

in a lot of detail and refinement.

Stone Lion

Stone Lion

To book out your time for some custom work with Natan, just give us a call in the shop at 978.744.9393 or send us an email at 978.744.9393.


New Work by Micah: Warthog Skull

Just last Sunday I got to tattoo this black and grey warthog skull on my buddy Trevor's arm. Trevor is one of my favorite Salem locals, a super metal dude with a big beard who rides around in our bike crew every day and I was psyched to get a chance to start some work on his arms. After tattooing a bunch of cartoon characters on his legs, he finally gave me the go-ahead to start work on filling up his arms with black and grey skulls, demons, zombies, and really anything else along those lines. We settled upon this warthog skull I drew up for him and got to work fleshing out some gaps in his sleeves.

As the shop apprentice, I&#039

;m always looking for some smaller, simpler pieces to help flesh out my portfolio. I'm currently pushing towards a more traditional style, so make sure to give me a ring in the shop here if you have anything in mind!


Trevor's Warthog Skull

Trevor's Warthog Skull