Fix-up Work by Micah

Hi, Micah here. Lately, I've been working on going back into some old house-party work from some junkies on an old friend, Trevor. Trevor has probably got about half of my portfolio on him, so we decided it was time to start going in and trying to re-build all the old tattoos he'd collected over the years.

Anyways, it's actually been a pretty fun time taking these old pieces of his and trying to figure out ways to turn 'em around into

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sparkling, shiny, new tattoos. If you've got any fun old tattoos, bring 'em on in and we'll take a look.

toxic demon


New Work by Molly: Angel/Demon Backpiece

Molly just finished up this black and grey angel and demon back piece the other week. Molly comes from a strong figure-drawing background and put in a lot of leg-work on the drawing for this piece. After numerous anatomical studies and sketches, Molly got her drawing finalized and tattooed it all in there. Molly's always a champ with any black and grey work, figurative pieces, or anything illustrative so m

ake sure to give us a call if you have any custom projects in mind for her!


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