A Bit of Black & Grey

As October rolls on, each weekend is a little busier than the last. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great new clients, as well as working with some of the old.

Steve did this massive rosary on a very friendly guy who was visiting Salem with his family. He sat like a champ!

Molly was the genius behind this next tattoo, which was on a lady’s inner bicep. Molly freehanded the outline on her, shown below in the first picture.

Finished (click for larger):

Natan did these steampunk locks and keys on a wonderful couple. We really do have the best clients. Hers was actually done last week, but his was done today.

Hers (and again, please forgive the redness that goes along with new tattoos):


New Work: Cross with Rosary Beads by Natan

Recently Natan finished up a variety of new work, ranging from religious pieces to traditional Japanese. This detailed cross with rosary beads focuses on tight, crisp details, a subtle use of green highlights, and a smooth organic flow, as directed by the motion of the rosary beads. Although this was certainly a subject matter that Natan has covered extensively in his work, he was able to find a way to push this piece in a different direction

than any of his past crosses.

Cross with Rosary Beads

Cross with Rosary Beads

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