New Work by Natan: Cherubs and Roses

As part of a live demonstration for today’s Salem Arts Festival, Natan completed this black and grey cherubs piece. Although he is most well-known for his bold, vivacious, and colorful style, Natan also relishes the opportunity to tackle projects necessitating soft black and grey work. While still maintaining strong foundational elements, this piece allowed Natan the chance to focus primarily on conveying the forms of the cherubs and roses through rendering and tone.

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New Work by Molly: Angel/Demon Backpiece

Molly just finished up this black and grey angel and demon back piece the other week. Molly comes from a strong figure-drawing background and put in a lot of leg-work on the drawing for this piece. After numerous anatomical studies and sketches, Molly got her drawing finalized and tattooed it all in there. Molly's always a champ with any black and grey work, figurative pieces, or anything illustrative so m

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