Halloween Season is over and We Survived!!

Reflection of the crowd in the studio window

Halloween season is always a crazy time of year here in Salem, MA and this year was no exception!  The insanity began the first week of October and kept us entertained and swamped the rest of the month.

The crowd the  first weekend of Halloween season!

The crowd the first weekend of Halloween season!

We truly had a blast tattooing fun Salem and Halloween related tattoos on visiting tourists and also really appreciated the patience exhibited by our regular clients who ended up having to deal with unexpected crowds and the crazy parking situation all month long.

We love wandering through town and seeing all the amazing decorations for Halloween and the Fall.

Jaesun started the month off by adding a fun ceramic jack-o-lantern to his station to add some holiday spirit


Here are a few fun tattoos Jae got to do this year for visitors who wanted to forever memorialize their trip to Salem:

JaesunDuggan_Walkins JaesunDuggan_Walkins-2 JaesunDuggan_Walkins-3 JaesunDuggan_Tourists

JaesunDuggan_MichaelMaskJaesunDuggan_SugarSkull on HandJaesunDuggan_SalemWitchSilhouette JaesunDuggan_Halloween-Knuckles
Steve got to do some fun halloween pieces, too, including this cool Hocus Pocus portrait:


Needless to say, it was a fun month, and we were so happy to see our annual visitors, but we are happy to slow down and enjoy the fall in this small New England city by the water!  With the crazy crowds gone for the year, we are excited to get some locals in who have been waiting patiently to get tattooed!

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New Work by Natan: Cherubs and Roses

As part of a live demonstration for today’s Salem Arts Festival, Natan completed this black and grey cherubs piece. Although he is most well-known for his bold, vivacious, and colorful style, Natan also relishes the opportunity to tackle projects necessitating soft black and grey work. While still maintaining strong foundational elements, this piece allowed Natan the chance to focus primarily on conveying the forms of the cherubs and roses through rendering and tone.

Check out more of Natan’s projects under his portfolio page and give us a call in the shop to book a free consult with him today!

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New Work- December 5th

Couple of new pieces from the last week of tattooing from Steve, Molly, and Micah.

First, Steve recently finished up this large bio-mech piece:

Next, today Molly completed this smooth, black and grey, dali piece on our buddy Alan:
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Lastly, Micah banged out this little toxic waste drum on his client, Trevor:

As we enter the winter season, we've also all been working hard on a whole slew of new paintings and drawings. Keep your eyes to the site here each week as we update with all of the new work and give us a call or just stop on by to discuss your own custom tattoo today!

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New Work by Micah: Warthog Skull

Just last Sunday I got to tattoo this black and grey warthog skull on my buddy Trevor's arm. Trevor is one of my favorite Salem locals, a super metal dude with a big beard who rides around in our bike crew every day and I was psyched to get a chance to start some work on his arms. After tattooing a bunch of cartoon characters on his legs, he finally gave me the go-ahead to start work on filling up his arms with black and grey skulls, demons, zombies, and really anything else along those lines. We settled upon this warthog skull I drew up for him and got to work fleshing out some gaps in his sleeves.

As the shop apprentice, I&#039

;m always looking for some smaller, simpler pieces to help flesh out my portfolio. I'm currently pushing towards a more traditional style, so make sure to give me a ring in the shop here if you have anything in mind!


Trevor's Warthog Skull

Trevor's Warthog Skull


Fetal Skeleton Tattoo by Molly!

Everyone here at the shop relishes the opportunity to work on any project involving skulls. Call us predictable (seeing as how we are in the middle of Salem), but nothing beats a good skull tattoo! However, Molly recently discovered that the only thing cooler than skeleton tattoos are black and grey, conjoined-twin, fetal skeleton tattoos! Check out her work below and make sure to give us a ring if you have any creative ta

ke on a skeleton tattoo (or any other fun custom ideas) for Molly to help you out with.

Fetal Skeletons

Fetal Skeletons

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