New Work by Micah: Warthog Skull

Just last Sunday I got to tattoo this black and grey warthog skull on my buddy Trevor's arm. Trevor is one of my favorite Salem locals, a super metal dude with a big beard who rides around in our bike crew every day and I was psyched to get a chance to start some work on his arms. After tattooing a bunch of cartoon characters on his legs, he finally gave me the go-ahead to start work on filling up his arms with black and grey skulls, demons, zombies, and really anything else along those lines. We settled upon this warthog skull I drew up for him and got to work fleshing out some gaps in his sleeves.

As the shop apprentice, I&#039

;m always looking for some smaller, simpler pieces to help flesh out my portfolio. I'm currently pushing towards a more traditional style, so make sure to give me a ring in the shop here if you have anything in mind!


Trevor's Warthog Skull

Trevor's Warthog Skull