New Work by Natan

Despite our struggles with the onslaught of snow as of recent, Natan has been pulling consistently long days working on some big new pieces he has in progress. Check 'em all out below:

First up is this in-progress shot of a Kali backpiece that Natan has been working on. The latest session on this involved adding in the tibetan flames as a border around the piece and to accent the natural curvature of his client's anatomy. More photos of this one to come as she heals up and makes it back for more work.

Kali Backpiece (In Progress)

Next is the latest progress shot from another long-term project of Natan's. Our buddy Mike has been in and out of the shop every other week or so, plugging away at getting his full back completed. As you can see, they're just about in the home stretch and should have a finished photo up here fairly soon.

Phoenix (In Progress)

On a slightly smaller scale is this St. Michael piece that Natan completed a couple of months ago.

Natan's been getting a fair amount of religious work coming in lately and it's always interesting to see his take on a particular piece. This one below was rendered out with some soft, muted, painterly tones.

St. Michael

Last up is this piece based on the Alex Grey drawing “The Seer”. If you're familiar with the work of Alex Grey (or if you take a cursory glance at some of his pieces online) you know how incredibly detailed and intricate everything by him is, making it all fairly challenging for translating into a tattoo. Natan was able to figure out a system to tackle this complicated one here, grounding it in a strong and bold tradition of tattooing while maintaining all of the nuances which give the original drawing it's power and effect.

Alex Grey (The Seer)

Natan is at Witch City Ink (Salem, MA) Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Lightwave Tattoos (Saugus, MA) Thursdays and Fridays. Give us a call and book up your time with him today!


New Work: Faceted Heart by Natan

Another new piece recently finished up Natan, this faceted heart piece presented an intriguing challenge in terms of creating a realistic flow of light across various planes. This large, free-flowing piece also allowed Natan to play around with creating some contrasting, bright, vivid filigree work in the background to help with directing the movement of the tattoo across the pronounced muscles of the lower calf.

Natan is currently booking a couple of weeks out for fun, large, custom work such as this piece here. If you have any other ideas for pie

ces involving bold and vivid color work or anything custom that you feel would be best represented in his style, give us a call at 978.744.9393 or send us an email at

Faceted Heart

Faceted Heart

_witch city ink


New Work: Stone Lion tattoo by Natan

Just the other day Natan got the chance to tattoo this big stone lion piece on a young new client of his. In this piece, Natan really concentrated on experimenting with a couple of different techniques based around developing realistic light sources, subtly implying different textures, and balancing a variety of line weights. Even though it was this client's first tattoo, he let Natan tattoo it large enough to fill up the majority of his ribs and sat through a full four hour session, allowing Natan to really pack

in a lot of detail and refinement.

Stone Lion

Stone Lion

To book out your time for some custom work with Natan, just give us a call in the shop at 978.744.9393 or send us an email at 978.744.9393.


New Work by Natan: Spade of Skulls

Natan recently got the chance to design and tattoo this black and grey spade of skulls piece on a repeat client of his. Given a brief description and a loose sketch of his client's general idea, Natan hit the ground running and came up with the following tattoo:



Natan was happy for the chance to do some more custom work on one of his collectors and friends, Chris Tango. Chris has been coming to get tattooed by Natan at Witch City Ink and Lightwave Tattoos for a couple of years now and has a numbe

r of Natan pieces decorating his arms. Since he already has a number of realistic black and grey skeletal type pieces, Chris opted for the more graphic and bold design of this tattoo and was thrilled with the result.

Christ Tango

Chris Tango

Here at Witch City, we're always fans of a good black and grey skull tattoo, so make sure to give us a ring or come on down to the shop if you have any interesting ideas for a skeletal themed piece or any other fun custom work!

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Japanese Chrysanthemum tattoo by Natan

Kiku, Japanese Chrysanthemum

Kiku, Japanese ChrysanthemumÂ

This is the final piece of a band of Japanese flowers recently completed by Natan at Witch City Ink in Salem Ma.  The rest of the tattoo is viewable in Natans portfolio at

Natan specializes is custom tattooing and is available for appointments at any of his 3 shops in Massachusetts.  He works by appointment only and is generally booked at least 3 weeks in advance.