New Work by Natan: Spade of Skulls

Natan recently got the chance to design and tattoo this black and grey spade of skulls piece on a repeat client of his. Given a brief description and a loose sketch of his client's general idea, Natan hit the ground running and came up with the following tattoo:



Natan was happy for the chance to do some more custom work on one of his collectors and friends, Chris Tango. Chris has been coming to get tattooed by Natan at Witch City Ink and Lightwave Tattoos for a couple of years now and has a numbe

r of Natan pieces decorating his arms. Since he already has a number of realistic black and grey skeletal type pieces, Chris opted for the more graphic and bold design of this tattoo and was thrilled with the result.

Christ Tango

Chris Tango

Here at Witch City, we're always fans of a good black and grey skull tattoo, so make sure to give us a ring or come on down to the shop if you have any interesting ideas for a skeletal themed piece or any other fun custom work!

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Tattoo Study Paintings

Tattoos are permanent, and you cant erase once you start, so its not uncommon for custom tattoo artists to make a complete painting of the intended design prior to actually tattooing them. Each one is a unique expression of the clients wishes and the artists vision for the design. While not every tattoo demands such elaborate preparation, its good to see examples of artwork other than tattoos from the person you choose to adorn you for the rest of your life!

Below are a few examples of artwork created by tattoo artist N^T^N Alexander. These paintings were created for clients specifically for the purpose of tattooing them:

Color Study for V-Twin Tattoo by N^T^N

Color Study for V-Twin Tattoo. Watercolor on Bristol Board, N^T^N 2007

A customer who wanted to immortalize his love of motorcycles commissioned this tattoo design from me. When circumstances prevented him from getting the tattoo, I decided to complete the sketch and make a watercolor painting from it instead. The flying eyeball comes from a skateboard deck design by Jim Phillips and the glowing spiderweb background complements the strong hotrod/rockabilly feel he wanted the overall piece to have.

"The Road to Hell is Easy"

The Road to Hell is Easy, Watercolor on Paper, 2006

This design was commissioned by a client who was in recovery after years of battling addiction. He liked the look of old fashioned pistols and wanted to have a skull and some poppy flowers in the design as well. After some discussion, we decided to include a latin phrase in the design, “Facilis Decensus Averno” which means, “The road to Hell is Easy” The tattoo was designed to serve as a reminder to him that he could always fall back into the hell of opiate addiction if he didnt stay strong and focused.