Pin-up and Coverup by Steve

We’ve had a lot of pretty-lady tattoos going on in the shop lately, and you won’t hear a single one of us complaining about it. Steve did this pin-up over the weekend, which purposely resembled the equally-pretty lady getting it tattooed on her.

We talked a bit about coverups here in this post, and this next sleeve is a double coverup. Sleeves are big projects for both the tattooed and the tattooer, and take multiple sessions. Steve continued adding to this Japanese piece last week. It is a beauty.

Salem’s Halloween festivities are picking up, and we continue to be busy tattooer bees. Like always, we recommend setting up an appointment for your next piece, and we are here 11a-7p every day to help you schedule your consults and appointments. 978.744.9393, or if you’re wandering about and taking in the sights, stop on by!

Molly at the BTC

If you stopped by the shop last weekend, you may have noticed that we were closed, which is a rarity! We had a good excuse though – we were hard at work over at the Boston Tattoo Convention.

But this post isn’t about ALL of us. This post is specifically about Molly.

Let us explain. There are a couple of little known facts about Molly:
-She enjoys doing Japanese pieces.
-Not only does she enjoy them, but she’s really, really good at them.
-She is a machine.

No kidding. She sat for ten hours at the BTC working on this cherry blossom leg sleeve. Take a moment to read that again. Ten hours. That is one brutal lady.

The above photograph only shows a fraction of how gorgeous the piece was – we hope to snag another one to show you soon. High-fives to her and the woman able to sit still for that long! And here’s some more that Molly did at the convention:

We know, this post has probably left you itching for a new tattoo. Don’t worry, we’re here for you – stop in or give us a call! 978.744.9393

Japanese Prints at the Museum of Fine Arts

Yesterday, Natan Alexander gave a thorough and informative guided tour through the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's “Under the Skin: Tattoos in Japanese Prints” exhibition. The show will remain open through January 2nd, 2011, so if you missed Natan's speech the other day, make sure to go and check out all the amazing artwork while you can!
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
“Under the Skin: Tattoos in Japanese Prints”
Showing through January 2nd, 2011
465 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA


New Work: Japanese Half-Sleeve by Natan

Another one of Natan's recently completed pieces is this Japanese Half-Sleeve. Asked to incorporate a number of different meaningful objects for the client, including his children's names, specific traditional style flowers, wind-bars, and finger-waves, Natan sketched together this composition. As with the cross that he recently finished, Natan always really pushes himself to fully cultivate and expand upon a piece, particularly when working with a subjec

t that he is so familiar with.

Japanese Half-Sleeve

Japanese Half-Sleeve

_witch city ink


New Work: Dragon by Natan

Another one from Natan's latest batch of tattoos is this black and grey dragon from the other day. Natan's always a fan of working with traditional Japanese subject matter and pushing himself to build off of his existing body of work. This piece features an emphasis on repeating patterns and shapes as a structural element to the design. It also relies heavily on a utilization of negative space and transparency effects to imply the rest of the dragon's body as well as a sense of space and


To book out any custom work with Natan, just give us a call in the shop here at 978.744.9393 or send us an email to!

Dragon and Clouds

Dragon and Clouds


New Work-in-Progress: Dragon Sleeve by Steve Gillespie

Here's a sneak peak at one of Steve's larger on-going projects he's been working on intermittently: full dragon sleeve with traditional Japanese flowers. Check back on in to the site in up-coming weeks as Steve finishes up this piece and posts the completed photos. If you are interested in getting any large, colorful, custom work from Steve, make sure to give us a call at 978 744 9393 or

just swing on by the shop and get your self booked today!

Dragon Sleeve

Dragon Sleeve


New Work by Natan: Halloween Sleeve, Lotus Flowers, Waves.

Scope out some new projects that Natan Alexander has recently completed and give us a call in the shop today at 978 744 9393 if you would like to book some time for bold, colorful, or large custom work with Natan!

Halloween Sleeve

Halloween Sleeve

Natan just finished up this black 'n grey halloween-theme sleeve on our buddy John Zani right before the Boston Tattoo Convention. Lots of soft shading with some subtle warm and cool tones scattered throughout.

teof.jpg” alt=”Birds and lotus flower.” title=”matteof” width=”800″ height=”402″ class=”size-full wp-image-1283″ />

Birds and lotus flower.

This full-color tattoo of abstracted birds with clouds and flames around a lotus flower was recently completed on our friend Mateo. Hailing all the way from Milan, Italy, Mateo comes up for the Boston Tattoo Convention each year and sticks around to hang out with us. On a recent trip over to Italy, Natan had outlined this piece on him, so while Mateo was back over in our neck of the woods, they sat down and finished up all of the color work.

Wave cover-up.

Wave cover-up.

An old winnie the pooh tattoo got covered by some bright finger-waves. Completely hidden!

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