Molly at the BTC

If you stopped by the shop last weekend, you may have noticed that we were closed, which is a rarity! We had a good excuse though – we were hard at work over at the Boston Tattoo Convention.

But this post isn’t about ALL of us. This post is specifically about Molly.

Let us explain. There are a couple of little known facts about Molly:
-She enjoys doing Japanese pieces.
-Not only does she enjoy them, but she’s really, really good at them.
-She is a machine.

No kidding. She sat for ten hours at the BTC working on this cherry blossom leg sleeve. Take a moment to read that again. Ten hours. That is one brutal lady.

The above photograph only shows a fraction of how gorgeous the piece was – we hope to snag another one to show you soon. High-fives to her and the woman able to sit still for that long! And here’s some more that Molly did at the convention:

We know, this post has probably left you itching for a new tattoo. Don’t worry, we’re here for you – stop in or give us a call! 978.744.9393

New Work: Japanese Half-Sleeve by Natan

Another one of Natan's recently completed pieces is this Japanese Half-Sleeve. Asked to incorporate a number of different meaningful objects for the client, including his children's names, specific traditional style flowers, wind-bars, and finger-waves, Natan sketched together this composition. As with the cross that he recently finished, Natan always really pushes himself to fully cultivate and expand upon a piece, particularly when working with a subjec

t that he is so familiar with.

Japanese Half-Sleeve

Japanese Half-Sleeve

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