Molly: In Progress Work & an Announcement

Our favorite lady of the shop has been working hard since returning from vacation. We’ve only managed to snag a few pics from her lately, but we remain excited about everything she’s done and is doing.

For example, while this octopus coverup is only an outline thus far, we have no doubt that it is going to be something amazing.

Molly has also been creating some flash sheets when she’s not tattooing. Check out this dapper couple.

There’s also an important change in Molly’s schedule that we need to spread the word about. She will now be working at our sister shop Lightwave on Fridays and Saturdays, but will still be here at Witch City Ink on Sundays and Mondays. So to book an appointment or consult with Molly:

Sunday & Monday
Witch City Ink

Friday & Saturday
Lightwave Tattoos

Questions? Concerns? Give one of the shops a call and we’ll help you out!

Pin-up and Coverup by Steve

We’ve had a lot of pretty-lady tattoos going on in the shop lately, and you won’t hear a single one of us complaining about it. Steve did this pin-up over the weekend, which purposely resembled the equally-pretty lady getting it tattooed on her.

We talked a bit about coverups here in this post, and this next sleeve is a double coverup. Sleeves are big projects for both the tattooed and the tattooer, and take multiple sessions. Steve continued adding to this Japanese piece last week. It is a beauty.

Salem’s Halloween festivities are picking up, and we continue to be busy tattooer bees. Like always, we recommend setting up an appointment for your next piece, and we are here 11a-7p every day to help you schedule your consults and appointments. 978.744.9393, or if you’re wandering about and taking in the sights, stop on by!

Molly and the Tribal Coverup

Any tattooer that knows what they’re doing can tell you that coverups can be tricky things. It truly takes skill to execute a coverup piece that looks good — and not completely obvious.

There are many great things about this piece done by Molly. Including this (words straight from Molly’s fingertips): “This is a cover up of a very large, thick, tribal arm band on Adam’s forearm. The top part is all healed and the lower half is fresher.”

And here is a shot of the healed shoulder, without the (pesky yet occasionally unavoidable) glare: