New Painting by Micah

Last night I finally finished up this big watercolor painting I'd been working on. Always a relief with large-scale watercolors to finish 'em and get 'em in a frame before I can spill something on it, someone rests their sandwich on it's luscious flat surface, my dog misreads her spatial perceptions and sleeps on it, etc.

This is actually a study for a piece in progress on my buddy, Trevor. After I started putting the original drawings together for his tattoo, I realized I could probably just rearrange it a bit, have a nice composition for a big painting, and be able to work out all the color theory and special effects in advance. You can check out the tattoo based on this painting under my portfolio page.


Keep your eyes peeled as, hopefully, I'll have some prints of this painting available soon…

Also, give me a ring in the shop or shoot us an email if you have any of your own crazy ideas we can put together into a big custom piece, such as this!

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