Work from PJ, New and Old

Whenever someone comes in requesting a traditional tattoo (and this does not happen nearly enough.. *hint*), we automatically point them in PJ’s direction. He is great at them, and loves doing them. And when a person loves what they do, it definitely shows. Here’s a few pieces from PJ, some fairly recent, some from past lives.


PJ is in the shop Thursday-Monday, so stop in or give us a call! 978.744.9393

New Works from Molly & Jay

Molly and Jay have had a lot of fun clients and tattoo ideas come their way lately. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

This is a nautical sleeve done by Molly, on a fellow named Joe. He gave Molly a lot of artistic freedom with this one, and everyone walked away happy. The movement! The colors! Any ocean lover would be envious of this.

Molly also finished up this large plumeria piece. It begins on the client’s shoulderblade, and extends down her side. That’s some nice black and grey right there.

Jay has been busy as well, and continues to divide his time between Witch City Ink (where he works Friday and Saturday), and over at Lightwave (Monday through Thursday). This first piece – featuring dragonflies, flowers, and stars – was done at Lightwave.

Then there’s this owl! The skull makes it a little bit creepy, and the flower a little bit pretty, and we love that contrast.

Another Christmas reminder: The holiday is two weeks from today, so if you need to get a Witch City Ink gift certificate (they’re also good over at our sister shop Lightwave), we recommend doing so soon! Especially if you need us to mail it out to you. Mail runs a bit slower this time of year, so call us asap! 978.744.9393

In Which We Investigate PJ. Part One.

Ahh, little is known about our resident tattooer, PJ. He specializes in traditional tattoos. He makes a pretty awesome ice cream cake. He maintains a constant demeanor that is equal parts sweet and surly. But other than that, there’s a reason we refer to him as an international man of mystery.

We recently sent a brave young explorer to PJ’s lair in an attempt to gather information based on observations of the surroundings. His things were not to be touched of course, as we know that PJ is a southerner and we don’t know what sort of Louisiana voodoo he may have put in place for intruders. Our explorer was able to snap these pictures of artifacts hanging from the walls.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for Part Two of our PJ investigation in the coming days. That is, unless he finds us out and puts a halt to the operation. In the meantime, you can help us distract him by booking consult and tattooing time with him. Give us a call at 978.744.9393, or stop on by. He is in the shop Thursday-Monday. You can also view his portfolio right here, but oh, there is much more to see.

Skulls, Soldiers and Flowers

Judging by the chill in the air this morning, summer may officially be over, but things aren’t slowing down over here at Witch City Ink. We’ve been plenty busy this week making people happy with their new tattoos!

Molly did this lovely lotus flower on a very nice young lady’s calf. Lotus flowers are often seen a symbol of divine beauty, and this tattoo is no exception.

Steve finished this in an absurdly short amount of time! What’s better than a skull? A crystal skull.

Whenever someone comes into the shop requesting something traditional, we will usually refer them to PJ. Few things make him happier than getting to tattoo in this style.

And last but not least, Natan did this piece on a brave fellow’s side. Perhaps you might recognize it?

We’re already starting to book appointments for October, so if you’re planning on coming to Salem for the autumn/Halloween season and want to get tattooed by us, you might want to contact us in the next few weeks!

New Harp tattoo by Molly


Harp Tattoo

Harp Tattoo by Molly McKinnon

The Irish have always been proud to show their heritage in the

form of skin art. The most popular image tends to be a shamrock, or a clover. My client Steve choose to support his roots with another time-honored symbol of the Irish; the harp. Unless you are familiar with the Guinness draft logo, or the Irish in general it may come as a surprise that the image of the harp is the symbol of the Emerald Island. He brought in a photo of a real harp he printed off the internet, but requested I draw it up in a more traditional style.


New Scarab Tattoo by Molly McKinnon

Scarab Tattoo
This is a tattoo I recently did of an Egyptian style scarab. This was the customer’s first tattoo and she wanted to make it count. Most of the time at Witch City Ink we recommend coming in for a consultation in order for your artist to gather all the information needed to give you a great tattoo. The results always speak for themselves.

New tattoos by Molly McKinnon

A common occurrence in tattooing is taking a concept or image you have tattooed before and reinventing it for another customer who has come in with the same request.

Here is an example of a customer who was an executive chef who wished to express his love of his favorite food; pork. He came in with the idea that he wanted an image of a flying pig with the indicating butcher marks. I myself being a fan of animal tattoos, and pork we hit it off pretty well and came up with this finished product.

Flying Pig

Flying Pig

Several months later a local Salem baker/ pork enthusiast came in looking to get a tattoo of a pig also with the indicating butcher marks. He wanted the style of the tattoo to look like it was done with a printing press. This style was achieved by drawing multiple series of lines vaguely indicating shadow.

Both of these tattoos were the same concept but the end results couldn’t have been more different. The chance of someone having the same tattoo idea as you is very strong if not inevitable. Luckily there is more then one way to do a tattoo.