New Video of Natan on Ch. 5 Chronicle!!

Owner and artist, Natan Alexander, was recently featured on an episode of Channel Five Chronicle about local artists. Click the link below to check out Natan's feature on the show and to gain some perspective on the artistry of tattooing!

Natan is always interested in begi

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New Harp tattoo by Molly


Harp Tattoo

Harp Tattoo by Molly McKinnon

The Irish have always been proud to show their heritage in the

form of skin art. The most popular image tends to be a shamrock, or a clover. My client Steve choose to support his roots with another time-honored symbol of the Irish; the harp. Unless you are familiar with the Guinness draft logo, or the Irish in general it may come as a surprise that the image of the harp is the symbol of the Emerald Island. He brought in a photo of a real harp he printed off the internet, but requested I draw it up in a more traditional style.


Tribal Wolf Tattoo by Jay Ski


wolf tribal

wolf tribal


      The client on this tattoo wanted a wolf tattoo with tribal . I told him we should do the wolf photo realistic and have the tribal fading behind the wolf. Doing a little research went a long way in creating this piece. We looked through images of wolves and found a pretty mean looking one for reference and then drew on the tribal with a marker. Sometimes drawing directly on the skin allows for a better flow, making the tattoo contour to the body alot more than it would if I used a stencil.