Our shop minimum is $150 per person, so that is where pricing starts for all appointments. (Updated 8/31/20)

Your artist has the final word on pricing, and estimates are based on expected time. The time will be determined by the final size, detail and location on the body.

Natan’s hourly rate is $200/hr.

Sharonn’s hourly rate is $175/hr.

Olivia P.’s  hourly rate is $175/hr.

Olivia H.’s hourly rate is $150/hr.

When making a tattoo appointment, we typically require a $50-$100 NON-REFUNDABLE retainer depending on the size of the piece. Larger sessions may require a larger retainer.

What does the retainer do?

1. It secures your appointment date.

2. It commissions the artist to start work on designing your tattoo image.

3. The value of the retainer is subtracted from the final cost of the tattoo.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, a 48-hour notice BY PHONE (not text or email) is required or your retainer will be forfeited, unless you are experiencing signs of illness. More retainer policies may apply depending on your artist so be sure to check with them directly if you have any questions.