Memorial Pieces from Jay & Molly

Memorial pieces are bittersweet things. They bring the recipient quite a bit of joy, and as heart-wrenching as it can be, it’s an honor for tattooers to give you such a permanent reminder of your loved one. Molly and Jay created these:



While we have you here, let’s do some scheduling notes, shall we? Jay’s last days here at Witch City Ink (at least until we steal him back someday) will be next Friday and Saturday, and then he will be back at our sister shop Lightwave full time again. And our lucky lady of the shop Molly will be going on vacation for eight days beginning January 1st. She is booked until then, but you can schedule time with her for when she returns!

We’ll also have a couple of new faces around here soon.. we can’t wait to formally share them with you!

New Works from Molly & Jay

Molly and Jay have had a lot of fun clients and tattoo ideas come their way lately. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

This is a nautical sleeve done by Molly, on a fellow named Joe. He gave Molly a lot of artistic freedom with this one, and everyone walked away happy. The movement! The colors! Any ocean lover would be envious of this.

Molly also finished up this large plumeria piece. It begins on the client’s shoulderblade, and extends down her side. That’s some nice black and grey right there.

Jay has been busy as well, and continues to divide his time between Witch City Ink (where he works Friday and Saturday), and over at Lightwave (Monday through Thursday). This first piece – featuring dragonflies, flowers, and stars – was done at Lightwave.

Then there’s this owl! The skull makes it a little bit creepy, and the flower a little bit pretty, and we love that contrast.

Another Christmas reminder: The holiday is two weeks from today, so if you need to get a Witch City Ink gift certificate (they’re also good over at our sister shop Lightwave), we recommend doing so soon! Especially if you need us to mail it out to you. Mail runs a bit slower this time of year, so call us asap! 978.744.9393

Dog Portrait by Jay

We all know that Natan and Steve are our go-to animal portrait guys, but did you know that Jay is fantastic at them as well? Check out the one below – beautifully executed, and a face that shows character (which is not an easy thing to do with animals!).

Reminder: Jay and Natan will be at Tattoolapalozza Miami in January. Book your time with them at the convention now!

January: Natan & Jay Ski at Tattoolapalooza

Nobody likes New England in early January. Fortunately for Natan and Jay, they’ll be hopping on a plane and soaking up some hot Miami sun, while the rest of us up north glare outside at what will presumably be freezing temperatures and snow.

This is great news for Floridians, or even anyone who is seeking an excuse for a vacation. Because the two troublemakers will be tattooing at Tattoolapalooza, and if you want to get tattooed by either of these talented fellows at the convention, they have openings. It will be a really cool event, so definitely take advantage of the opportunity if you can! It’s happening January 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency in Miama, FL – check out info below for booking with our guys. As usual, they’re in high demand so the sooner you get in touch, the better!

Natan: Call Witch City Ink at 978.744.9393.

Jay Ski: Call Lightwave at 781.233.1780.

Welcome Back Jay Ski!

We’ve borrowed Jay Ski from our sister shop, Lightwave for a little while. He’ll be tattooing here at Witch City Ink on Fridays and Saturdays until we decide that we’re sick of him and kick him out. Just kidding. He’s too nice to get sick of (seriously, come by and meet him, get a tattoo.. we’re sure you’ll agree!).

He’s making himself right at home these last couple of weeks, tattooing up a storm. Today he did this knife on a marine. It’s apparently called a k-bar. We learn something new every day around here.

Witch City Ink at Music as a Weapon in Portland Maine


Music as a Weapon IV

Music as a Weapon IV

Interested in getting tattooed at a rock show in Portland, Maine on April 18, 2009?
Yes, the whole staff will be traveling to Portland, Maine to for the Music as a Weapon IV Show.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 978-744-9393.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo by Jay Ski


wolf tribal

wolf tribal


      The client on this tattoo wanted a wolf tattoo with tribal . I told him we should do the wolf photo realistic and have the tribal fading behind the wolf. Doing a little research went a long way in creating this piece. We looked through images of wolves and found a pretty mean looking one for reference and then drew on the tribal with a marker. Sometimes drawing directly on the skin allows for a better flow, making the tattoo contour to the body alot more than it would if I used a stencil.