Molly: A Pre-Vacation In-Progress

Our wonderful Molly is off on some big adventures right now. Over the weekend she got on a plane to Germany, where she will be doing a guest spot in Berlin! She’ll be back at Witch City Ink the week of the 15th, and in the meantime, consults can booked for her return if you call the shop at 978.744.9393.

Here are a couple of pieces that she started shortly before leaving:

Memorial Pieces from Jay & Molly

Memorial pieces are bittersweet things. They bring the recipient quite a bit of joy, and as heart-wrenching as it can be, it’s an honor for tattooers to give you such a permanent reminder of your loved one. Molly and Jay created these:



While we have you here, let’s do some scheduling notes, shall we? Jay’s last days here at Witch City Ink (at least until we steal him back someday) will be next Friday and Saturday, and then he will be back at our sister shop Lightwave full time again. And our lucky lady of the shop Molly will be going on vacation for eight days beginning January 1st. She is booked until then, but you can schedule time with her for when she returns!

We’ll also have a couple of new faces around here soon.. we can’t wait to formally share them with you!

New Works from Molly & Jay

Molly and Jay have had a lot of fun clients and tattoo ideas come their way lately. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

This is a nautical sleeve done by Molly, on a fellow named Joe. He gave Molly a lot of artistic freedom with this one, and everyone walked away happy. The movement! The colors! Any ocean lover would be envious of this.

Molly also finished up this large plumeria piece. It begins on the client’s shoulderblade, and extends down her side. That’s some nice black and grey right there.

Jay has been busy as well, and continues to divide his time between Witch City Ink (where he works Friday and Saturday), and over at Lightwave (Monday through Thursday). This first piece – featuring dragonflies, flowers, and stars – was done at Lightwave.

Then there’s this owl! The skull makes it a little bit creepy, and the flower a little bit pretty, and we love that contrast.

Another Christmas reminder: The holiday is two weeks from today, so if you need to get a Witch City Ink gift certificate (they’re also good over at our sister shop Lightwave), we recommend doing so soon! Especially if you need us to mail it out to you. Mail runs a bit slower this time of year, so call us asap! 978.744.9393

New Work-in-Progress: Dragon Sleeve by Steve Gillespie

Here's a sneak peak at one of Steve's larger on-going projects he's been working on intermittently: full dragon sleeve with traditional Japanese flowers. Check back on in to the site in up-coming weeks as Steve finishes up this piece and posts the completed photos. If you are interested in getting any large, colorful, custom work from Steve, make sure to give us a call at 978 744 9393 or

just swing on by the shop and get your self booked today!

Dragon Sleeve

Dragon Sleeve


New Work by Natan: Halloween Sleeve, Lotus Flowers, Waves.

Scope out some new projects that Natan Alexander has recently completed and give us a call in the shop today at 978 744 9393 if you would like to book some time for bold, colorful, or large custom work with Natan!

Halloween Sleeve

Halloween Sleeve

Natan just finished up this black 'n grey halloween-theme sleeve on our buddy John Zani right before the Boston Tattoo Convention. Lots of soft shading with some subtle warm and cool tones scattered throughout.

teof.jpg” alt=”Birds and lotus flower.” title=”matteof” width=”800″ height=”402″ class=”size-full wp-image-1283″ />

Birds and lotus flower.

This full-color tattoo of abstracted birds with clouds and flames around a lotus flower was recently completed on our friend Mateo. Hailing all the way from Milan, Italy, Mateo comes up for the Boston Tattoo Convention each year and sticks around to hang out with us. On a recent trip over to Italy, Natan had outlined this piece on him, so while Mateo was back over in our neck of the woods, they sat down and finished up all of the color work.

Wave cover-up.

Wave cover-up.

An old winnie the pooh tattoo got covered by some bright finger-waves. Completely hidden!