Halloween in Salem!

Did you know that Halloween in Salem, for all intents and purposes, spans the entire month of October? Beginning yesterday, we've witnessed the arrival of swarms and legions of halloween-loving people arrive into town. Along with the masses comes all of the annual local performers, entertainers, and vendors who line the streets in anticipation of the crowds.

If you're planning on coming into town to check out what all the hub-bubs about, make sure to stop on by our shop, take a look around, and get some tattoos! Keep your eyeballs peeled in the next couple of weeks as we may feature some custom halloween flash up for grabs and will

be gearing up for all of the halloween festivities. See you all here!

Salem Witch Trials

If you know when you're coming in and what you'd like to get, make sure to schedule your time in advance, as the closer we get to halloween, the more we'll be booked up!

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