Steve at the Lynnfield Animal Hospital Artist Reception

Just this past Tuesday, Steve headed over to the Lynnfield Animal Hospital to participate in their North Shore Animal Artists Reception. Steve brought along a handful of paintings, in addition the a portfolio full of animal portraits, to hob-knob with a variety of other North Shore artists and animal lovers. Make sure to check out Steve's portfolio on the site for some examples of his animal work and cash loans”>head on over to the Lynnfield Animal Hospital to read up on their event.


New Work: December 13th

Although the darkness has been encroaching earlier and earlier every day, we've been keeping the candles burning bright and finishing up lots of new work in the shop here! Check out Steve's portfolio page for a slew of new photos after taking a look at a couple of his pieces below and a finished up chest tattoo from Micah.

pirate pinup

New pirate pinup tattoo by Steve Gillespie.

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Finished “Death Before Decaf” coffee tattoo on one of our favorite baristas from a local Salem coffee house. Steve began this piece up at the New Hampshire Live Free or Die Tattoo Convention and recently completed back in the shop here.


Healed photo of skeleton hand with grenade tattoo by Micah.

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