Molly: A Pre-Vacation In-Progress

Our wonderful Molly is off on some big adventures right now. Over the weekend she got on a plane to Germany, where she will be doing a guest spot in Berlin! She’ll be back at Witch City Ink the week of the 15th, and in the meantime, consults can booked for her return if you call the shop at 978.744.9393.

Here are a couple of pieces that she started shortly before leaving:

Welcome, Sharonn!

We have been excited to share some news with you, and finally, the day has come! We are pleased to welcome Sharonn Bradbury to Witch City Ink! She is no stranger, having been a friend of Natan’s for some time, and we are thrilled to have her here in Salem with us.

We’ll have a bio up for her soon, but for now, we will tell you that she has been tattooing since 1994, and she is already making her space here cozy and beautiful. Here is a peek at the very beginning of it (you should see it now that it’s getting decorated!).

And of course, here are some examples of her work. You can find many more over on her portfolio page.

Sharonn officially starts tattooing here next week, and is at the shop Tuesday-Saturday (please note: her Saturdays are currently reserved for existing clients). Give us a call if you would like to set something up with her! 978.744.9393

Memorial Pieces from Jay & Molly

Memorial pieces are bittersweet things. They bring the recipient quite a bit of joy, and as heart-wrenching as it can be, it’s an honor for tattooers to give you such a permanent reminder of your loved one. Molly and Jay created these:



While we have you here, let’s do some scheduling notes, shall we? Jay’s last days here at Witch City Ink (at least until we steal him back someday) will be next Friday and Saturday, and then he will be back at our sister shop Lightwave full time again. And our lucky lady of the shop Molly will be going on vacation for eight days beginning January 1st. She is booked until then, but you can schedule time with her for when she returns!

We’ll also have a couple of new faces around here soon.. we can’t wait to formally share them with you!

Witch City Ink’s Holiday Hours

Whether or not you choose to participate in holiday festivities, we here at Witch City Ink hope that the last few days of 2011 are filled with many joyous things!

Please note that the shop will be closed on Christmas eve, Christmas day (that’s this weekend, the 24th and 25th!), and also on New Year’s Day.

If you need to pick up a last minute gift certificate, we will be open today and tomorrow until 8!

New Works from Molly & Jay

Molly and Jay have had a lot of fun clients and tattoo ideas come their way lately. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

This is a nautical sleeve done by Molly, on a fellow named Joe. He gave Molly a lot of artistic freedom with this one, and everyone walked away happy. The movement! The colors! Any ocean lover would be envious of this.

Molly also finished up this large plumeria piece. It begins on the client’s shoulderblade, and extends down her side. That’s some nice black and grey right there.

Jay has been busy as well, and continues to divide his time between Witch City Ink (where he works Friday and Saturday), and over at Lightwave (Monday through Thursday). This first piece – featuring dragonflies, flowers, and stars – was done at Lightwave.

Then there’s this owl! The skull makes it a little bit creepy, and the flower a little bit pretty, and we love that contrast.

Another Christmas reminder: The holiday is two weeks from today, so if you need to get a Witch City Ink gift certificate (they’re also good over at our sister shop Lightwave), we recommend doing so soon! Especially if you need us to mail it out to you. Mail runs a bit slower this time of year, so call us asap! 978.744.9393

Natan: Progressions

As usual, Natan has a ton of gorgeous in-progress pieces going on. One of the larger ones is a bright full backpiece on a very boisterous individual named Tony (if you’ve met him, you’ll know who we’re talking about by that short description alone). Since it is such a large and epic work, we’re not going to show you much of it right now, but this is what it was looking like at the end of his last session. He was lying down in this picture, so please forgive the odd angle:

Then there is Jon, who is in the beginning stages of a full sleeve that extends onto his chest. He and Natan came up with a very unique concept to include portraits of his wife and children, as well as a dragon. That might sound like an odd combination, and we don’t want to give too much away yet, but it’s all going to tie together beautifully. Here is the last portrait that Natan added to the piece:

You may remember this post featuring the first of Ted’s dia de los muertos girls. Natan added a second beauty to the piece earlier this week. This one is also going to be a coverup, as you can see in the photo.

Just a couple of reminders: Natan is currently booked through early January at this point, so if you want him to get started on your next tattoo, be sure to schedule a consult soon so we can get the ball rolling!

Secondly, we continue to have gift certificates available, and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away! If you need one mailed to you, we recommend giving us a call by early next week, to ensure that it gets to you in time for the holiday. 978.744.9393

In Progress Works

A lot of in progress pieces are happening at the shop lately, but we aren’t showing you most of them because sometimes we like to tease you and make you wait for the end result. Natan, for example, has a HUGE in progress file that we swoon over often, but he won’t let us show it to you. In an effort to appease this blogger, Molly and Steve have taken pictures of the following and are letting them out into the internet world.

These plumeria flowers started out as a small ballpoint sketch of Molly’s, and grew into this. Which will actually continue to grow, as the client wants to add more.

Steve started this large Saint Demetrius rib piece today. We predict that it’s going to look rather beautiful by the time it’s finished — not that it’s hard on the eyes even at this stage!

Why Witch City Ink Gift Certificates are the Perfect Gift:

We here at Witch City have decided to give you the early holiday gift of easing your shopping stress. Black Friday is the official beginning of the holiday shopping season, which quite frankly, stresses most people out. FEAR NOT! We have compiled a list of reasons why you should skip the mall madness (or most of it, at least) and go for a Witch City Ink gift certificate as a gift for your friends and loved ones.

1. While most gift certificates/cards are considered impersonal, it’s the opposite when it comes to a gift certificate for a tattoo. You know that the person will be using it on something that will last them an entire lifetime, and they’ll always look at their ink and think of you too!

2. We get a lot of people who come into the shop and tell us that they’d love to get their next tattoo, but can’t bring themselves to spend money on themselves until after December. How selfless! Why not help give them the thing that they are too nice to get themselves this time of year?

3. It’s an easy process. We’ll have you in and out of the shop in no time.

4. Even better: If you’re an out-of-towner, you can purchase a gift certificate via telephone, and we’ll mail it right out to you.

5. They’re valid here at Witch City Ink, and also over at our sister shop Lightwave in Saugus.

6. We are awesome. Tattoos are awesome. The recipient of your gift will fully understand that YOU are also awesome (if they haven’t figured it out already).

7. They might be the best possible gift you can get someone. Well, second to this:

Convinced yet? Have questions? Stop in or give us a call! 978.744.9393

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving!

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! Or, if you choose not to celebrate, happy hopefully-day-off! Regardless of how you choose to spend your coming Thursday, we here at Witch City Ink wish you a cornucopia of happiness (or a cornucopia of cats, whichever you’d prefer).

Please note that the shop will not be open on Thanksgiving day, which is this Thursday the 24th, but we will resume business as usual on Friday. Be well!