More Art Around the Shop

In between tattoos and even on their days off, the Witch City artists have been cranking out art. They certainly love what they do, and we love that they do it.

Lately, Molly has been inspired by the black plague.
Just kidding. Sort of.

PJ’s preferred drawing surface these days are simple paper bags. This is a very visually pleasing way to recycle!

Steve is becoming more and more ambitious with his painting these days. The below piece is in its very beginning stages, but it’s something like 22×28″.

More New Work by Molly: Animals, Egyptian Cat-Ladies, and Roses.

More new work recently completed by our very own Molly McKinnon. Ranging from the realistic to the illustrative, Molly's been putting out a large range of work lately down here at the shop. Swing on by or give us a call at 978 744 9393 and start work on a new Molly piece today!



Large bright orange tiger on shoulder, Molly can usually find a nice balance between illustrative and realistic work that will hold together as a strong and lasting tattoo.

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Lock and Key Roses

Molly just recently added on this string of keys to some roses with a heart-lock that she had completed a couple of weeks prior.



Given a simple, flat Egyptian hieroglyphic-type design of the cat-lady Bast, Molly went ahead and sketched up this tattoo.

Black and Grey Bird

Black and Grey Bird

Stylized black and grey bird on shoulder on another repeat client of Molly's.