New Work by Natan: Spade of Skulls

Natan recently got the chance to design and tattoo this black and grey spade of skulls piece on a repeat client of his. Given a brief description and a loose sketch of his client's general idea, Natan hit the ground running and came up with the following tattoo:



Natan was happy for the chance to do some more custom work on one of his collectors and friends, Chris Tango. Chris has been coming to get tattooed by Natan at Witch City Ink and Lightwave Tattoos for a couple of years now and has a numbe

r of Natan pieces decorating his arms. Since he already has a number of realistic black and grey skeletal type pieces, Chris opted for the more graphic and bold design of this tattoo and was thrilled with the result.

Christ Tango

Chris Tango

Here at Witch City, we're always fans of a good black and grey skull tattoo, so make sure to give us a ring or come on down to the shop if you have any interesting ideas for a skeletal themed piece or any other fun custom work!

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Portrait Of Mother and Grandfather by N^T^N

 Portrait tattoos are a very powerful way to preserve the memory of a loved one forever. Michael Bragan of Salem Massachusetts came into Witch City Ink with a picture of his Mother kissing his Grandfather on her wedding day. He was looking to get a portrait tattoo done, and he chose Natan to do the portrait because he liked some of the other portraits in his portfolio.  His Grandfather had passed away on December 27th of 2007, and Michael felt this would be the best way to honor his grandfather.

In Michael’s words: “I chose this picture because it is my mother’s favorite of the two together and from what I can remember this was the happiest I ever saw him. The smile on his face was priceless!”

Below are the images of the picture Michael brought in, the stencil Natan made of the picture, and the final tattoo.

The original Image:

Grandfather and Mother Picture

Grandfather and Mother Picture

The Stencil:

Portrait Stencil

Portrait Stencil

The Tattoo:

Finished Portrait with original picture

Finished Portrait with original picture

A Close up shot of the Final Tattoo:

Grandfather and Mother  Portrait Close up

Grandfather and Mother Portrait Close up

Natan writes, “Portrait tattoos are always a joy to do because people are so thrilled when you get it perfect. A tattoo of a loved one is a great way to keep them forever in your thoughts. When people bring in their favorite picture of a someone its up to you to really capture not only their likeness but also their spirit. There’s always a great story behind it and its some of the most challenging yet rewarding work you can do.”