New Work by Natan: Bats, Cars, Birds

With the summer months upon us, we’ve seen an influx of interesting projects coming our way. At a custom shop, it’s always rewarding to be approached with a piece that is not only technically feasible, but artistically challenging and engaging. Natan’s been hard at work on a number of such pieces, including the following:


Although Natan is generally only working on larger tattoos, he often revels in whipping out fully-realized and highly-rendered one-sitting pieces. These bats he completed on a local barista find a delicate balance between Tibetan-inspired flourishes of line-work and a vivid, painterly color-theory.

Car (In Progress)

We seem to have had a number of vintage custom car fanatics down at the shop lately, such as this woman, who began this tattoo rendition of her car the other week. Old vintage cars always shine as tattoos, with broad flowing lines and bold blocks of color and Natan served justice to this one with elegance.

Foo Dog (In Progress)

Known for his strong and colorful style, Natan is commonly commissioned for large Japanese work, such as this foo dog half-sleeve. This recently completed second session saw the introduction of a dynamic and complex color-theory to the solid foundation of line-work already in place. Keep a look-out for more pictures of this piece in the upcoming weeks!


After many sessions and much hard work, Natan completed this full back-piece on local shop-friend, Mike. An on-going project for quite some time now, both Mike and Natan were proud to finally get in the last bits of color and wrap up this piece. When people ask Mike how many tattoos he has he says one…

Natan is available for appointments at Witch City Ink Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and over at Lightwave Tattoos (Route 1, Saugus) on Thursdays and Fridays. Send us an email, give us a call, or just stop on by the shop to start planning for your custom tattoo with Natan today

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New work by Molly

Molly just completed this bright, ornate, and colorful feather anklet on one of her clients today. The repeating geometric patterns and highly illustrative style are indicative of Molly's work and this piece proved to be the perfect avenue for her. Although this was the client's first tattoo, she was able to weather the storms and make it through the whole sitting so Molly could finish it up!


Molly is always looking to work on more creative and elaborate custom pieces such as this so make sure to give us a ring in the shop and book out your consult with her today!

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New Painting by Micah

Oh man, I am so happy I didn't spill anything on this watercolor before I could finish. Let me tell you, I was REALLY close to spilling all KINDS of things on this painting, here's a list:

-jay ski (you gotta watch out or he'll sneak up and spill stuff on your paintings during holiday parties)
-different variety of sandwich

Yeah, it's extensive. Anyways, I did finish it, so here it is:


Not a great photo, but you get the idea. Anyways, have a great holiday! We still have free high fives all-day, every-day, so come on in and get one,

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New Work by Molly: Swallow on Neck!

A couple weeks back Molly tattooed this swallow on the neck of one of her regular clients. This piece was a perfect match for Molly, as she's always glad to have the chance to draw up animal-related tattoos in her illustrative style that she's cultivated over the years. Molly specifically tailored the composition of this tattoo so as to mimic the natural flow of the anatomy and work in a congruous manner with the structure of the neck. Molly is currently booking out for custom work,

especially in an illustrative or animal-themed direction.

To book out any time or discuss any ideas you may have for custom work, give us a call in the shop here at 978 744 9393!

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