New from Sharonn: The Land and the Sea

So far it’s been nature week for Sharonn. Flowers, a tiger within a Japanese sleeve, a marine biology emblem, and a butterfly.

Sharonn, as always, continues to be a busy lady. She’s definitely one of those artists who snaps a quick photo with her phone when a tattoo is finished, and that’s usually all she has time for (we don’t say this like it’s a bad thing!). But again we must say, these photos do not do her work justice. The good news is, we usually try and bribe her clients to come back when their piece is healed so we can take more pictures. Think of these as a tease.

Dana was the gentleman who had the marine biology emblem done, and he is an interesting fellow! Before he left yesterday, he showed us some cool octopus videos on youtube. Yeah, we’re nerds here. And we love it.

New Work from the S’s of the Shop

No, we’re not being vulgar jerks with that title. The S’s of the shop are none other than Sharonn and Steve of course. These two continue to work their butts off, and are currently booked out for about 3 weeks, but a bit further than that for weekends (Saturday is a popular day for tattoos). If you’re one of the nine-to-fivers who can only be tattooed on a weekend day, please note that both Sharonn and Steve have Sundays off, Sharonn doesn’t have a Saturday available until mid-June, and Steve doesn’t have one until mid-May (although he has some smaller time slots that can accommodate shorter sessions).

Without further ado, here are a couple of pieces they’ve done recently.

Melanie came in wanting an antique bird cage on her back. The two birds escaping from it were actually drawn by her friend, and then transferred into tattoo-form by Sharonn.

Sharonn has also been working on this Green Man piece for a couple of sessions, and it is looking gorgeous! The Green Man image is actually seen in different cultures worldwide, and is typically viewed as a symbol of rebirth, or representing the cycle of growth each spring.

Remember the elephant outline that Steve was working on in our last post? It was pretty great with just the intricate black outline, but Steve finished it up with some color earlier in the week and it’s looking even better.

That’s it for today, kids! We’ll be closed tomorrow, Sunday the 8th, for Easter, but we’ll be back to business as usual on Monday.

Squirrel by Sharonn

I suppose if someone were to say the words “squirrel tattoo,” you would probably imagine something on the ridiculous side. But, Sharonn is the queen of all things whimsical, and this piece is just that. Along with colorful and let’s face it.. adorable. The client was fascinating, having such an affinity for the little creatures that she and her husband actually run a squirrel rescue organization. Unfortunately, they were unable to bring any baby squirrels by the shop, which might be a positive thing as we probably would have died from the cuteness.

While we have you, here’s a bit of shop news: We are officially back on our summer schedule, opening the shop at 11am and closing at 8pm. We always recommend making an appointment if you can, and lately our artists have been busier than ever. We are doing our best to accommodate walk-ins, but with the exception of a few open gaps in the schedule, all of our artists are booked out anywhere from one week to a month+ in advance. We welcome you to stop by and chat, email us at, or give us a call at 978.744.9393 to set up your next tattoo!

New & Older Works from Sharonn

This all-seeing eye took two sessions, and is a fairly large piece on a client’s back.

This back piece is ongoing, and looking quite marvelous! This photo doesn’t do it justice.

These portraits were done by Sharonn before she came to Witch City Ink, and we love them so much that we had to share.

A recent grim reaper that is also a coverup. It’s like celebrating the death of an old tattoo with death himself!

Sharonn is currently booked a couple of weeks out, so we recommend scheduling time with her in advance! She prefers to take consults before starting new pieces, so give us a call! 978.744.9393

New Work from Sharonn

Many of Sharonn’s clients have large pieces that require multiple sessions. But she’s certainly not opposed to smaller, one-session pieces. Here are a couple of recents.

Ahh, the Zig Zag man. He is a classic and recognizable character (A+ to Zig Zag for the good branding). Everyone in the shop was envious of Sharonn for getting to do this one.

This next client came in with a lot of good ideas, but requested that the tattoo stay small. Most artists would be hesitant to take on such a thing, but Sharonn jumped right in and did a wonderful job.

New Black & Grey from Sharonn

The newest lady of the house is settling in to Witch City Ink, and we are loving having her here! It’s obvious that clients are loving that Sharonn’s here too, because her old ones have followed and new ones are finding her. Her schedule is beginning to fill up, so if you’d like to be tattooed by her, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll schedule a consult for you. 978.744.9393

Here are two black and grey pieces that she’s done recently (by the way, have we mentioned that black and grey is her favorite?). These pictures were taken while the tattoos were fresh, so please forgive the quality!

This crow was done over multiple sessions. The photo does not do it justice — it’s beautiful and fits the client well!

Unless you are particularly familiar with flora, you may not recognize the above plant. It’s a thistle, which is a flowering plant covered in prickles that discourage herbivores from snacking on the plant. Thistles are also the floral emblem of Scotland.

Welcome, Sharonn!

We have been excited to share some news with you, and finally, the day has come! We are pleased to welcome Sharonn Bradbury to Witch City Ink! She is no stranger, having been a friend of Natan’s for some time, and we are thrilled to have her here in Salem with us.

We’ll have a bio up for her soon, but for now, we will tell you that she has been tattooing since 1994, and she is already making her space here cozy and beautiful. Here is a peek at the very beginning of it (you should see it now that it’s getting decorated!).

And of course, here are some examples of her work. You can find many more over on her portfolio page.

Sharonn officially starts tattooing here next week, and is at the shop Tuesday-Saturday (please note: her Saturdays are currently reserved for existing clients). Give us a call if you would like to set something up with her! 978.744.9393