Happy Halloween from Witch City Ink!

This dark tattoo is by PJ. We think it’s perfect for today.

It’s finally Halloween! Here in Salem we’ve been seeing plenty of costumed folk walk by all month, but today is the day that the costumes outnumber the plain clothes. No surprise, but the most popular seem to be witches and warlocks, but we’re also seeing zombies, superheroes, a whole lot of animals, dia de los muertos girls, and a random assortment of both weird and scary. As you can imagine, the city is pretty hectic right now, so if you’re coming down to participate in the festivities, be sure to give yourself extra time to find a parking spot.

If you’ve been looking to get tattooed but are waiting for the insanity to die down — fear not! Tomorrow is November 1st and Salem life will be considerably calmer. Give us a call and we can help you plan for your next piece of work! 978.744.9393