Roses & Ribs by Steve

This tattoo was done in two sessions, which is very common for large rib pieces. What is not so common, is for such a large tattoo in an unpleasant spot to be chosen for someone’s first. We were a little concerned, but this girl sat like a CHAMPION. She deserves about twenty high-fives along with a round of applause.

Peacock Feather by PJ

Hey, remember this?:

Earlier this month PJ shared a bunch of his older photos with us, and the above peacock feather was one of them. We put it in a blog post a couple of weeks ago, and then one day a very nice woman named Stephanie came into the shop, interested in getting her tattoo finished by PJ. She explained it had been started last summer, and I asked her what it was. She showed me her arm, and I (very professionally, I might add) exclaimed, “Holy crap! It’s you!

Well, her appointment was yesterday, and she walked out with her already-gorgeous tattoo even more gorgeous and full of color. These are her own pics, which she’s letting us share here in this post. Thanks, Stephanie!

New Koi by Steve

Early spring, anyone? Okay, it was actually snowing down in Boston early this morning, but February has definitely been gracing us with some warmer-than-usual temperatures, which is drawing people out of hibernation and into our shop. What is it about spring that makes people want to get tattooed? Or is it simply because it coincidentally coincides with tax return season? Either way, we’re not complaining! All five of our artists’ schedules have been pretty full these days, and while we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, this would be a good time to note that we highly recommend making an appointment in advance. You can do so by stopping by the shop, emailing us at, or calling 978.744.9393.

In other news, we’ve finally pestered Steve enough where he’s taking pictures of his work again (hooray!). He did this large koi yesterday, on a returning client.

One of the new favorite things in the tattoo world seems to be Instagram, which is a (free!) photo app for iPhones. And guess who has an account? Our very own Mr. Gillespie. You can find and follow him at stevegillespietattoo.

In Progress by Natan

Whenever blog posts about Natan aren’t happening, it’s because his schedule is consisting of many, many in progress pieces. He prefers to keep work a secret from the internet until it’s completed, but he’s letting us make an exception for this one!

The client came in with an idea for an ouroboros tattoo. Natan asked him a lot of questions, because it’s important to get to know a bit of the client’s personality, likes, and dislikes in a consult (especially for large tattoos), and turned his ouroboros idea into something much more grand. The client loved it, and has been in for multiple sessions, which he drives to and from New York for. We appreciate his dedication to the back piece, and it’s always fun having him here in the shop. He’s got some more hours in the chair before it’s finished, and we’re all excited for the final result!

Natan is currently booked until April, but he has time for short sessions, smaller pieces, and consults for a few days in March. Give us a call if you want in! 978.744.9393

New & Older Works from Sharonn

This all-seeing eye took two sessions, and is a fairly large piece on a client’s back.

This back piece is ongoing, and looking quite marvelous! This photo doesn’t do it justice.

These portraits were done by Sharonn before she came to Witch City Ink, and we love them so much that we had to share.

A recent grim reaper that is also a coverup. It’s like celebrating the death of an old tattoo with death himself!

Sharonn is currently booked a couple of weeks out, so we recommend scheduling time with her in advance! She prefers to take consults before starting new pieces, so give us a call! 978.744.9393

Work from PJ

PJ is the sort of guy that is capable of working in a few different styles. Traditional is his favorite, but for example, he also enjoys Japanese. We’re not kidding when we describe him as a nomad, and he’s lived in many different cities and been to many different countries. He spent a year in Hawaii (yeah, we’re jealous too), where he developed a fondness for Polynesian tribal work. Here are a few very different pieces, showcasing some of what he does.

Our favorite traveler will be off again on the 17th, and will be back in the shop on the 24th!

New Work from Sharonn

Many of Sharonn’s clients have large pieces that require multiple sessions. But she’s certainly not opposed to smaller, one-session pieces. Here are a couple of recents.

Ahh, the Zig Zag man. He is a classic and recognizable character (A+ to Zig Zag for the good branding). Everyone in the shop was envious of Sharonn for getting to do this one.

This next client came in with a lot of good ideas, but requested that the tattoo stay small. Most artists would be hesitant to take on such a thing, but Sharonn jumped right in and did a wonderful job.

New Black & Grey from Sharonn

The newest lady of the house is settling in to Witch City Ink, and we are loving having her here! It’s obvious that clients are loving that Sharonn’s here too, because her old ones have followed and new ones are finding her. Her schedule is beginning to fill up, so if you’d like to be tattooed by her, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll schedule a consult for you. 978.744.9393

Here are two black and grey pieces that she’s done recently (by the way, have we mentioned that black and grey is her favorite?). These pictures were taken while the tattoos were fresh, so please forgive the quality!

This crow was done over multiple sessions. The photo does not do it justice — it’s beautiful and fits the client well!

Unless you are particularly familiar with flora, you may not recognize the above plant. It’s a thistle, which is a flowering plant covered in prickles that discourage herbivores from snacking on the plant. Thistles are also the floral emblem of Scotland.

Work from PJ, New and Old

Whenever someone comes in requesting a traditional tattoo (and this does not happen nearly enough.. *hint*), we automatically point them in PJ’s direction. He is great at them, and loves doing them. And when a person loves what they do, it definitely shows. Here’s a few pieces from PJ, some fairly recent, some from past lives.


PJ is in the shop Thursday-Monday, so stop in or give us a call! 978.744.9393

Natan in Stuff Magazine Boston

For the past four years, Boston’s Stuff Magazine has put out an annual body issue. This year, they did a feature on tattooed folk, and who better to speak to about body art than our very own Natan Alexander? As most Witch City Ink clients know, he is one of New England’s most prominent tattooers, currently owning two shops while also being the brains and the love behind the Boston Tattoo Convention. Oh, and did you know that he was one of the people who pushed to legalize tattooing in Massachusetts? This is a man who is passionate about what he does, and we’re proud to have him representing us in Stuff.

Pick up your copy now all over the Boston area, or check out Natan’s feature right here on the Stuff Mag website. You can see the Boston, Ink feature in it’s entirety online here.