New Artist – Larry Allen

My name is Larry Allen & I am the newest artist here at Witch City Ink.  Before my move, I had known about Witch City Ink for years, both through the Boston Tattoo Convention & individual artists working out of this cool & very unique studio up in Salem, Massachusetts.  When I started looking to relocate & find a new studio to call home, Witch City Ink was my only choice.

I was welcomed with open arms and have found the staff to be not only super easy to work with, but extremely dedicated to their clients & craft.  New clients who are considering Witch City Ink can expect a great experience, not only because I now work here & it’s easy for me to state such a thing, but because I’ve seen their work ethic 1st hand.  A combination of the art produced and artist commitment to their clients makes for a rock-solid experience.

About me & my style… If you’ve read my bio on my portfolio page or my website (, you’ll know I was, amongst other things, a former teacher.  I enjoy explaining things to people & helping them understand the what, how & why of what I’m doing. I think people enjoy being ‘in the know’, especially if they are new to the world of tattooing.  As far as my style, I do a lot of different types of tattoos, but I specifically like doing black & gray florals and bright, vibrant watercolor-style designs.

To those I have already tattooed here at Witch City Ink, thank you for your trust, confidence & gracious warm welcome to Salem. I look forward to meeting and working with many, many more of you!