2nd Annual Fidelco Dog Walk Recap!

The 2nd Annual Fidelco Dog Walk has come and gone, having taken place yesterday, Sunday the 10th. Salem was filled with even more adorable pups than usual, with dog owners/lovers and businesses coming together to raise funds for the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation. They not only raise and train guide dogs, but they ease the animals into their new homes with a 2-3 week training process for both the dog and owner.

The event raised over $12,000, and we are proud of Fidelco and glad to have taken a part! You may have noticed signs and balloons outside of the shop if you wandered by, and if you were in the Salem Common (the home base for the walk), you may have even entered a raffle for a Witch City Ink gift certificate and t-shirts. Later in the day, we were told that a very happy 60 year old lady won the raffle, and will be using her gift certificate to go towards her very first tattoo (how cool is that!).

And just because the walk is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t still donate! Click here to see info and options for donating to the foundation.

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