Natan to Speak at Museum Lecture!

Natan will be featured as a guest speaker at an upcoming lecture on tattooing at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art! As part of an upcoming exhibition of renowned tattoo artist, Dr. Lakra, the museum will host a panel discussion of contemporary tattoo culture, the history of tattooing, and the growth and development of the medium. We invite you to join us on Thursday, April 15th, at the Institute of Contemporary Art (100 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA) as we listen in on Natan's personal dissection of tattooing, as informed by his 17 years of experience in the field.

The ICA comments on Lakra:
Jerónimo López Ramírez, also known as Dr. Lakra, is a renowned tattoo artist who lives and works in Oaxaca, Mexico. Under his pseudonym, loosely translating as “Dr. Delinquent,” he draws over vintage printed materials and found objects rather than skin, manipulating images of pin-up girls, 1940s Mexican businessmen, luchadores, and Japanese sumo wrestlers.


ing diverse body art traditions from Chicano, Maori, Thai, and Philippine cultures, Dr. Lakra layers spiders, skulls, crosses, serpents, and devils over these existing images. Playful, naughty, and often intentionally vulgar, his work challenges social norms by blurring cultural identities.

Dr. Lakra, the artist’s first solo exhibition in the U.S., will present works from a variety of series and a newly-commissioned mural.

Learn more about the featured Dr. Lakra exhibition and the museum itself at:

We hope to see you there!

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The 9th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention: Coming in September 2010!

The 9th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention (produced by Witch City Ink) is coming up on September 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th 2010 at the Boston Back Bay Sheraton Hotel! As has been the tradition for the past 8 years, artists, collectors, shops, vendors, performers, and people from all walks of life will descend upon Boston over labor day weekend for four full days of art, tattoos, contests, music, performances, entertainment, vendors, shopping, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on this year's show as we post it up onto our webs

ite ( and on our myspace ( and get ready for our most exciting year yet!