Molly: In Progress Work & an Announcement

Our favorite lady of the shop has been working hard since returning from vacation. We’ve only managed to snag a few pics from her lately, but we remain excited about everything she’s done and is doing.

For example, while this octopus coverup is only an outline thus far, we have no doubt that it is going to be something amazing.

Molly has also been creating some flash sheets when she’s not tattooing. Check out this dapper couple.

There’s also an important change in Molly’s schedule that we need to spread the word about. She will now be working at our sister shop Lightwave on Fridays and Saturdays, but will still be here at Witch City Ink on Sundays and Mondays. So to book an appointment or consult with Molly:

Sunday & Monday
Witch City Ink

Friday & Saturday
Lightwave Tattoos

Questions? Concerns? Give one of the shops a call and we’ll help you out!

Pin-up and Coverup by Steve

We’ve had a lot of pretty-lady tattoos going on in the shop lately, and you won’t hear a single one of us complaining about it. Steve did this pin-up over the weekend, which purposely resembled the equally-pretty lady getting it tattooed on her.

We talked a bit about coverups here in this post, and this next sleeve is a double coverup. Sleeves are big projects for both the tattooed and the tattooer, and take multiple sessions. Steve continued adding to this Japanese piece last week. It is a beauty.

Salem’s Halloween festivities are picking up, and we continue to be busy tattooer bees. Like always, we recommend setting up an appointment for your next piece, and we are here 11a-7p every day to help you schedule your consults and appointments. 978.744.9393, or if you’re wandering about and taking in the sights, stop on by!

The Raven & the All-Seeing Eye

Sometimes putting too much symbolism into a tattoo doesn’t work out. If you try to put too many elements into a relatively small space, it can appear jumbled and confusing — both aesthetically and logically. This client came to us with a handful of ideas, all good ones, and Natan helped him put them all together into one piece. This tattoo is not only good, but it makes sense when you look at it. Not everyone could figure out how to put a raven, all-seeing eye, and alpha and omega symbols together without it being a mess.

Fun fact: Natan was not responsible for the lettering above the raven, but Jay Ski over at our sister shop Lightwave was.

In Which We Investigate PJ. Part One.

Ahh, little is known about our resident tattooer, PJ. He specializes in traditional tattoos. He makes a pretty awesome ice cream cake. He maintains a constant demeanor that is equal parts sweet and surly. But other than that, there’s a reason we refer to him as an international man of mystery.

We recently sent a brave young explorer to PJ’s lair in an attempt to gather information based on observations of the surroundings. His things were not to be touched of course, as we know that PJ is a southerner and we don’t know what sort of Louisiana voodoo he may have put in place for intruders. Our explorer was able to snap these pictures of artifacts hanging from the walls.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for Part Two of our PJ investigation in the coming days. That is, unless he finds us out and puts a halt to the operation. In the meantime, you can help us distract him by booking consult and tattooing time with him. Give us a call at 978.744.9393, or stop on by. He is in the shop Thursday-Monday. You can also view his portfolio right here, but oh, there is much more to see.

Dia de los Muertos

Every so often we get a client that trusts us enough to give us a larger-than-usual amount of artistic license. Ted is one of those clients. He gave Natan a few ideas, and ended up with a gorgeous Day of the Dead woman on his arm. It hurt, but he was all smiles when he left the shop last night.

In less exciting news, there will be some road closures and parking bans in downtown Salem this Thursday, October 6th, and over the weekend, October 8th and 9th. This does not mean that Witch City Ink will be inaccessible, but parking will be a little less fun than usual. Click here for a list of streets that will be closed, along with the specific times.

October: The Time for All Things Spooky

Many people associate October with Halloween, general spookiness, and the official start of autumn. Being in Salem, we get a good dose of spooky year round, but somehow as soon as the calendar folds over to October 1st, the number of witch hats, weird masks, and pumpkin goodies vastly increases. And we also do a fair amount of Halloween-related tattoos year round, but it’s no secret that this number also increases during this chilly month. We are always more than happy to give a Salem visitor a permanent souvenir from their trip! In fact, many visitors book their October appointments with us in advance, to make sure that they get some time with one of our artists that they’ve been admiring from afar.

We do still have spots open, but they’re filling up fast! If you’re a traveler or a local that wants to get some work done this month, be sure to give us a call soon! 978.744.9393

Of course, we’re not going to make this a text-only post — your eyes deserve more than that! In honor of our favorite month of ghouls, here are some amazingly creepy tattoos from years past by our artists.

I bet you can guess who this one’s from. Bold backpiece? Black and grey? Fantastically shiver-inducing? Definitely Natan’s work.

Steve created this death dealer piece. You would not want this guy and his horse coming after you.

The flowers don’t make this skull piece by PJ any less tough.

Jack-o-lanterns are a popular choice when it comes to Salem tattoo souvenirs. Not as popular as witches, of course. Molly executed this one so wonderfully, that two future clients from North Carolina scheduled time with her for their visit this year.

Molly also did this next tattoo, which we wouldn’t call SPOOKY, but it’s still darn good and reminds us of fall in Salem.

We’ve also done more than one Halloween sleeve. This is a great example, thanks to Natan. The piece flows with that arm perfectly.

Well there’s your pre-Halloween teaser. We’ll definitely be sharing more with you as the month rolls on!

Color Portrait by Natan

Every so often we get a client that has a heartbreaking story behind their tattoo idea. It’s flattering when anyone chooses us to put something so permanent on their body, but especially so when it is an image that they hold dear. Natan did a wonderful job on this portrait, and the client loved it. Forgive us for not sharing the story with you, but some things aren’t ours to tell. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of love in this.

Molly and the Tribal Coverup

Any tattooer that knows what they’re doing can tell you that coverups can be tricky things. It truly takes skill to execute a coverup piece that looks good — and not completely obvious.

There are many great things about this piece done by Molly. Including this (words straight from Molly’s fingertips): “This is a cover up of a very large, thick, tribal arm band on Adam’s forearm. The top part is all healed and the lower half is fresher.”

And here is a shot of the healed shoulder, without the (pesky yet occasionally unavoidable) glare:

Where the Wild Things Are

There is no doubt that Where the Wild Things Are is one of the most classic children’s books. According to author and illustrator of the book, Maurice Sendak, it was at first banned in libraries and received negative reviews. Since then it has received high critical acclaim, and was even made into a live-action film directed by Spike Jonze in 2009.

The book’s latest adaptation was taken on by Steve, and a very lucky lady walked out of our shop last night wearing this on her arm.

Tattoo Artist Wanted in Busy Shops

If you are an experienced, well- referenced, and inspired tattoo artist looking for an atmosphere of like minded artist located within a warm community, please contact us.

We are primarily a custom shop, but we do try to accommodate walk-ins and flash requests, as well. Our ideal artists will have 5+ years of experience in a reputable shop and is looking to be part of a close knit, loyal, and professional team.

Email your portfolio and references to

Tattoo Artists and Piercers Wanted for Busy Shops in Saugus and Salem.

Lightwave Tattoos and Witch City Ink have openings for talented professional rtists. Our company is looking for artists with great customer service skills and dedication to their art. Candidates should have solid references as well as a polished portfolio of excellent work.
We are primarily custom shops, but we do try to accommodate walk-ins and flash requests as well. Our ideal artists will have 5+ years of experience in a reputable shop and should be looking to be part of a dedicated and professional team. Our shops are Art focused,no gimmicks. We don’t sell pipes and novelty’s or rely on other gimmicks. We are not flash factories owned by non tattoo artists. This is the real deal and you should be too. Our company produces the annual Boston Tattoo Convention and travels regularly for shows and guest spots. Ready to take your work to the next level? Send us your portfolio!

Salary is commission based and we offer 1099 or W2 options.

For more information contact or call the shop at 978-744-9393