More Art Around the Shop

In between tattoos and even on their days off, the Witch City artists have been cranking out art. They certainly love what they do, and we love that they do it.

Lately, Molly has been inspired by the black plague.
Just kidding. Sort of.

PJ’s preferred drawing surface these days are simple paper bags. This is a very visually pleasing way to recycle!

Steve is becoming more and more ambitious with his painting these days. The below piece is in its very beginning stages, but it’s something like 22×28″.

Drawing Time!

When the artists at Witch City aren’t busy tattooing, they’re often drawing. And they churn out some great stuff. Here are a couple of recent bits.

Steve has started two paintings in the last two days. He’s pretty excited about them, and we enjoy getting to see the progress.

We stole this next one from Molly’s Facebook page. She also says, “I like doing flower tattoos, I can do them all day. My heart really lies with Mythological creatures though, get some Mythological creatures people! We can put some flowers in it too.” Sounds like a good argument to me!

Micah Featured in Book of Skull Art!

Resident shop apprentice, Micah, has one of his drawings featured in the recently published book, Skull Book Volume 1. Collecting together black and white artwork of skulls by tattoo artists around the world, the first volume of the Skull Book ranges from realistic and representational work to stylized and abstract pieces.

Micah contributed the following ball-point pen drawing from an on-going series he is currently pursuing. Keep your eyeballs on their site,, for information on the publication of their second volume, in which Micah has four more featured drawings.


ion id=”attachment_1666″ align=”alignnone” width=”507″ caption=”Giraffe Skull”]Giraffe Skull[/caption]

As the shop apprentice, Micah is always looking for some smaller and simpler work to flesh out his portfolio. Make sure to give us a ring in the shop here or send us an email if you think you have a piece that would suit him well!

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