New tattoos by Molly McKinnon

A common occurrence in tattooing is taking a concept or image you have tattooed before and reinventing it for another customer who has come in with the same request.

Here is an example of a customer who was an executive chef who wished to express his love of his favorite food; pork. He came in with the idea that he wanted an image of a flying pig with the indicating butcher marks. I myself being a fan of animal tattoos, and pork we hit it off pretty well and came up with this finished product.

Flying Pig

Flying Pig

Several months later a local Salem baker/ pork enthusiast came in looking to get a tattoo of a pig also with the indicating butcher marks. He wanted the style of the tattoo to look like it was done with a printing press. This style was achieved by drawing multiple series of lines vaguely indicating shadow.

Both of these tattoos were the same concept but the end results couldn’t have been more different. The chance of someone having the same tattoo idea as you is very strong if not inevitable. Luckily there is more then one way to do a tattoo.

Portrait Of Mother and Grandfather by N^T^N

 Portrait tattoos are a very powerful way to preserve the memory of a loved one forever. Michael Bragan of Salem Massachusetts came into Witch City Ink with a picture of his Mother kissing his Grandfather on her wedding day. He was looking to get a portrait tattoo done, and he chose Natan to do the portrait because he liked some of the other portraits in his portfolio.  His Grandfather had passed away on December 27th of 2007, and Michael felt this would be the best way to honor his grandfather.

In Michael’s words: “I chose this picture because it is my mother’s favorite of the two together and from what I can remember this was the happiest I ever saw him. The smile on his face was priceless!”

Below are the images of the picture Michael brought in, the stencil Natan made of the picture, and the final tattoo.

The original Image:

Grandfather and Mother Picture

Grandfather and Mother Picture

The Stencil:

Portrait Stencil

Portrait Stencil

The Tattoo:

Finished Portrait with original picture

Finished Portrait with original picture

A Close up shot of the Final Tattoo:

Grandfather and Mother  Portrait Close up

Grandfather and Mother Portrait Close up

Natan writes, “Portrait tattoos are always a joy to do because people are so thrilled when you get it perfect. A tattoo of a loved one is a great way to keep them forever in your thoughts. When people bring in their favorite picture of a someone its up to you to really capture not only their likeness but also their spirit. There’s always a great story behind it and its some of the most challenging yet rewarding work you can do.”

Natan- “NEW” Octopus Half Sleeve

Octopus 1/2 Sleeve

Octopus tattoo 1/2 Sleeve

Artist: Natan Alexander Lin
Subject: Octopus
Medium: Black and Gray tattoo

This half sleeve octopus tattoo is a fine example of Black and Grey work from our shop owner and artist Natan.  His extensive studies and work in Japan allowed him to add Japanese inspired style waves to round out the piece and fit the clients needs.