Japanese Chrysanthemum tattoo by Natan

Kiku, Japanese Chrysanthemum

Kiku, Japanese Chrysanthemum

This is the final piece of a band of Japanese flowers recently completed by Natan at Witch City Ink in Salem Ma.  The rest of the tattoo is viewable in Natans portfolio at witcityink.com.

Natan specializes is custom tattooing and is available for appointments at any of his 3 shops in Massachusetts.  He works by appointment only and is generally booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

Natan- “NEW” Octopus Half Sleeve

Octopus 1/2 Sleeve

Octopus tattoo 1/2 Sleeve

Artist: Natan Alexander Lin
Subject: Octopus
Medium: Black and Gray tattoo

This half sleeve octopus tattoo is a fine example of Black and Grey work from our shop owner and artist Natan.  His extensive studies and work in Japan allowed him to add Japanese inspired style waves to round out the piece and fit the clients needs.

Stipple tattoo by Steve Gillespie

Stipple Tattoo by Steve Gillespie

Stipple Tattoo by Steve Gillespie

Artist: Steve Gillespie

A great example of a (monochromatic) stipple tattoo.  Stippling is the technique of using small dots to simulate varying degrees of solidity or shading.  Unlike pontillism which uses a variety of colors stippling uses only one.  In the above photo you can see that Steve, one of our Witch City Ink artists used red dots to create this piece of body art.