New Artist – Larry Allen

My name is Larry Allen & I am the newest artist here at Witch City Ink.  Before my move, I had known about Witch City Ink for years, both through the Boston Tattoo Convention & individual artists working out of this cool & very unique studio up in Salem, Massachusetts.  When I started looking to relocate & find a new studio to call home, Witch City Ink was my only choice.

I was welcomed with open arms and have found the staff to be not only super easy to work with, but extremely dedicated to their clients & craft.  New clients who are considering Witch City Ink can expect a great experience, not only because I now work here & it’s easy for me to state such a thing, but because I’ve seen their work ethic 1st hand.  A combination of the art produced and artist commitment to their clients makes for a rock-solid experience.

About me & my style… If you’ve read my bio on my portfolio page or my website (, you’ll know I was, amongst other things, a former teacher.  I enjoy explaining things to people & helping them understand the what, how & why of what I’m doing. I think people enjoy being ‘in the know’, especially if they are new to the world of tattooing.  As far as my style, I do a lot of different types of tattoos, but I specifically like doing black & gray florals and bright, vibrant watercolor-style designs.

To those I have already tattooed here at Witch City Ink, thank you for your trust, confidence & gracious warm welcome to Salem. I look forward to meeting and working with many, many more of you!


Natan: Friday Availability at Tommy’s Tattoo Convention

Natan will be tattooing October 2-4 at Tommy’s Tattoo Convention, and still has availability for Friday. This is an awesome chance to be tattooed at a cool event. In progress pieces are preferred, but first sessions might be doable too. Email if you’re interested!

N CT announcement

And because we know you’re not just here for announcements, and you’d like to see some tattoos, here is a Ganesh in progress that Natan began last week. This is after only one session.

ganesh prog

Be sure to follow Natan’s instagram, @natanink to keep up with what he’s working on as it happens!

Natan’s upcoming travel dates: Pittsburgh and Hartford

Firstly, say hello to our blog again! We’ve missed you, and missed getting to tell you about all of our goings on! Let’s jump right in:

After hosting the 14th annual Boston Tattoo Convention and then taking a much needed mini-break, Natan is back to creating tattoo magick at both of his shops, and has some exciting travel plans coming up in the very near future.

First is an adventure over to Artisan Tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA from September 8th-12th. This is a rare opportunity for his clients further down the east coast, who find Massachusetts to be a little too far out of reach.

N guest spot artisan copy

Then he’ll be back in Salem and Saugus before he’ll be on the road again at Tommy’s Tattoo Convention in Hartford, CT the weekend of October 2nd-4th.

tommy con

If you’re interested in being tattooed by Natan in either Pittsburgh or Hartford, please email

Tattoo Night at Opus, May 25th

On Sunday, May 25th – that’s right, Memorial Day weekend – we’ll all be at Opus for Tattoo Night. What is this, you ask? MUSIC, drinks, best and worst tattoo contests, our art on the walls, Miss Boston Ink 2012, Sailor Jerry pin up girls, a fun photo booth, themed VIP bar upstairs, PRIZES, AND you get to hang out with your favorite tattoo artists.

Tattoo contest prizes: A morning after brunch package from Opus, Witch City Ink gift certificate, tickets to the Boston Tattoo Convention, and a basket of premium Sailor Jerry swag.

Door prize (you’re automatically entered with your ticket!): Witch City Ink t-shirt, Witch City Ink gift certificate, a pair of tickets to the Boston Tattoo Convention, Sailor Jerry swag, and an Around the World gift card (good for a free appetizers at all Serenitee restaurants).

new opus flyer

Tickets are $20 in advance – $25 at the door, which will get you entrance to the entire event, a signature cocktail and passed hors d’oeuvres. You can also purchase them now at Opus, Witch City Ink, or by clicking this link.

Let’s Talk About Love

We DO love you here at Witch City Ink, but don’t worry, this post isn’t about that. The fantastic Front Street Coffeehouse here in Salem, in conjunction with Mike’s Museum has organized a month long silent auction at Front Street. From February 1st til the 28th, you can check out and bid on art from a bunch of artists, including our own Sharonn, Steve, and Cassandra.

The best part? 100% of proceeds from the show will go to HAWC, which provides services and support to victims of domestic violence who reside on Massachusetts’ North Shore. You can check out the event page on facebook right here.

We didn’t get Sharonn to take photos of her works, but we’ll try to snag some while they’re hanging on the walls. In the meantime, you’ll have to head over to see how gorgeous they are in person.

Steve’s two pieces:
steve_kiss steve_love

And Cassandra’s:
when you leave when you dont


Ararita, Illuminated Glass and Mixed Media


Illuminated Glass and mixed media on board, 2013
Notariqon for the Hebrew phrase “Achad Rosh Achdotho Rosh Ichudo Temurato Achad”, which means, “One is His Beginning; One is His Individuality; His Permutation is One”.

The Latin inscription on Stelae reads:

“All in Two, Two in One, One in None. These are neither Four nor All, nor Two, nor One nor None. Glory be to the Father and to the Mother, and to the Son, and to the Daughter, and to the Holy Spirit without, and to the Holy Spirit within, which was, is, and shall be, World without end. Six in One through the name Seven in One, ARARITA.”

Suggested resources for further study:

Heiros Gamos, the mystical union.

Yab Yum, in Tibetan Tantra

Liber 36: The Star Sapphire


Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Kenneth Grant

Symbols of Transformation, Carl Jung



Illuminated Glass and Mixed Media on Canvas, 2013

In his Critique of Pure Reason, Kant distinguished between “Phenomena” objects as interpreted by human sensibility and understanding and “noumena” (objects as things-in-themselves, which humans cannot directly experience). The noumenal realm was equated with the world of ideas known to the philosophical mind, in contrast to the phenomenal realm, which was equated with the world of sensory reality. The Latin word “numina” also suggests that which is perceptible by the mind but not by the senses.

It is in this “Numinus” realm that we interact with the gods, angels and demons.

NUMINA presents the angels of the Shehamphorash, the mystical 72 letter name of god. It is said that simply by gazing on these names one may receive the blessing of their angelic radiance. Beneath these sigils is the flower of life shown in its geometric relation to the holy Kabbalah. Together these form a sacred alignment describing the lightening path from Kether to Malkuth, Spirit into Matter.

names of god


Powers of the Sphinx


Illuminated Glass and Mixed Media on Board, 2010

“In philosophy, the hypercube or tesseract represents the inherent complexity of a two-dimensional surface, and the dynamic, structuralized potential of the fourth dimension; According to one theory, time is interpretable as the nth dimension in an nth-dimensional context; acquiring additional dimensions merely requires more complex exceptions, and a more complex set of working instructions.”

“To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Si-lent: these are the four traditional maxims of the aspiring magician, the Four Powers of the Sphinx.

These Four Powers are attributed to the four elements. They frequently are symbolized by the four Kerubic (or “Fixed”) signs of the Zodiac, the images of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The mysterious symbolism of the Sphinx itself also is attributed to the sephirah Malkuth, especially in the sense that it is a visual and symbolic synthesis of the four elements through these governing Kerubic forms.

Different writers have allocated these Four Powers to the four elements in different ways. Nor did Crowley limit himself to one way of listing their correspondences. The exact attributions do not matter for our present purposes. They can be evaluated by each Neophyte individually, in the process of building her own understanding of the Four Powers of the Sphinx, and in the process of evolving her own inner symbol system and magical methodology. Among Crowley’s writings, the primary references for these different views can be found in De Lege Libellum, and in Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom & Folly, both of which were a part of the Probationer Syllabus. There is additional teaching in a document given to the Probationer on the occasion of her initiation. A still different formulation is given in Liber 777, Col. L. Another helpful reference is Magick in Theory & Practice, Cap. XXI, Sec. V.

It is important to understand that these “powers” develop in ascending layers. One never “masters” them in the sense of having fully acquired them. They continue to reappear on ever-higher levels, appearing in progressively more subtle aspects. For this reason they are represented as the four sides of a solid, balanced foundation – the first row of brick and mortar, so to speak – of the Pyramid of Initiation which the magician is building toward the stars. Without such a solid and balanced foundation, the structure eventually will topple and fall. The higher goes the building (the closer to its apex one reaches), the more likely the fall. This is as true psychologically and spiritually as it is in architecture. For this reason, the A.’.A.’. encourages – in fact, requires – a gradual, progressive, balanced advance in the Great Work, resting upon a solid, sure foundation.”

-Chapter 3 of The Mystical & Magical System of the A.’.A.’., James A. Eschelman

Recent Works from Sharonn

As usual, Sharonn has been a busy woman. Here are a couple of peeks into what she's been working on these days.

This tiny barn owl was a walk-in that Sharonn was able to fit in at the end of her day. She doesn't usually have extra time, but the client happened to come in at the perfect moment!


The beginnings of this pretty lady is on the back of one of Sharonn's good friends. It suites her perfectly! Of course, since most of you don't know her, you'll simply have to take our word on this.


And here are the beginnings of pretty lady #2. She's a little more modest than pretty lady #1, but equally swoonable.


Sharonn is booking out until the end of May right now, but she is available for consults before then. Give us a call at 978.744.9393 to set something up with her!