New & Old from Steve

Somehow, as Steve was going through his photos, he realized that we hadn’t posted a photo of this tiger tattoo from a while back. So here it is, a blast from the not-so-terribly-distant past!

More recently, Ken has become one of our favorite new clients. He originally came in to get a coverup of some initials on his neck with a crab, which is a pretty unique coverup choice, we must admit. Steve worked a bit of his artist-magic, and poof! Initials gone. Afterward, Ken came back to have Steve start a sleeve for him, full of more oceanic creatures. We’ll post pictures of it later on as it progresses.

Also done recently by Steve, was this massive dragon on a client’s calf. Despite having to sit for a while for the color session, the client was all smiles when it was finished.

Steve is currently booked about three weeks out, so if you want to be tattooed by him we recommend setting up a consult as soon as you’re able! 978.744.9393

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