Squirrel by Sharonn

I suppose if someone were to say the words “squirrel tattoo,” you would probably imagine something on the ridiculous side. But, Sharonn is the queen of all things whimsical, and this piece is just that. Along with colorful and let’s face it.. adorable. The client was fascinating, having such an affinity for the little creatures that she and her husband actually run a squirrel rescue organization. Unfortunately, they were unable to bring any baby squirrels by the shop, which might be a positive thing as we probably would have died from the cuteness.

While we have you, here’s a bit of shop news: We are officially back on our summer schedule, opening the shop at 11am and closing at 8pm. We always recommend making an appointment if you can, and lately our artists have been busier than ever. We are doing our best to accommodate walk-ins, but with the exception of a few open gaps in the schedule, all of our artists are booked out anywhere from one week to a month+ in advance. We welcome you to stop by and chat, email us at witchcityink@gmail.com, or give us a call at 978.744.9393 to set up your next tattoo!