New Koi by Steve

Early spring, anyone? Okay, it was actually snowing down in Boston early this morning, but February has definitely been gracing us with some warmer-than-usual temperatures, which is drawing people out of hibernation and into our shop. What is it about spring that makes people want to get tattooed? Or is it simply because it coincidentally coincides with tax return season? Either way, we’re not complaining! All five of our artists’ schedules have been pretty full these days, and while we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, this would be a good time to note that we highly recommend making an appointment in advance. You can do so by stopping by the shop, emailing us at, or calling 978.744.9393.

In other news, we’ve finally pestered Steve enough where he’s taking pictures of his work again (hooray!). He did this large koi yesterday, on a returning client.

One of the new favorite things in the tattoo world seems to be Instagram, which is a (free!) photo app for iPhones. And guess who has an account? Our very own Mr. Gillespie. You can find and follow him at stevegillespietattoo.