In Progress by Natan

Whenever blog posts about Natan aren’t happening, it’s because his schedule is consisting of many, many in progress pieces. He prefers to keep work a secret from the internet until it’s completed, but he’s letting us make an exception for this one!

The client came in with an idea for an ouroboros tattoo. Natan asked him a lot of questions, because it’s important to get to know a bit of the client’s personality, likes, and dislikes in a consult (especially for large tattoos), and turned his ouroboros idea into something much more grand. The client loved it, and has been in for multiple sessions, which he drives to and from New York for. We appreciate his dedication to the back piece, and it’s always fun having him here in the shop. He’s got some more hours in the chair before it’s finished, and we’re all excited for the final result!

Natan is currently booked until April, but he has time for short sessions, smaller pieces, and consults for a few days in March. Give us a call if you want in! 978.744.9393

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