Listen to Natan's Speech from the Institute of Contemporary Art!

Last Thursday, Natan was invited to participate in a discussion of Massachusetts tattooing at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Boston. The forum coincided with the ICA's exhibit of the work of famed Mexican tattooist, Dr. Lakra and touched upon the history, legalization, and changing social climate of tattooing in Boston and it's outlying areas.

Lakra's work will be on display at the museum through September 6th and the audio files from Natan's discussion (On Pins and Needles: Tattooing in Massachusetts) are currently available for free download from the ICA's online canadian pharmacy”>website. Head on over to check out some selections from Dr. Lakra's exhibit, learn more about the show, and hear what Natan had to say about tattooing.

Thank you to the ICA and Dr. Lakra for inviting Natan, as well as the rest of his staff, to come down and participate in such a great event!

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