T. Phae-Anne Brangarran

T is our newest addition to the Witch City Ink artist team having just completed her 2 year apprenticeship under Jaesun-Eoin Brangarrán. T is an accomplished fine art photographer who brings her unique artistic vision and expertise to her tattooing, with results that leave her clients immediately making plans to return for more projects.  She leans toward creating designs inspired by the sacred, including dedications to the gods, sigils and bind-runes and she would love to help you bring your spiritually inspired vision to life.  With a degree in Anthropology (the study of culture), focusing on body modification, as well as decades of work with both Celtic and Norse systems, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of how to incorporate your esoteric needs into the individual design she will create for you. Send us a message or come by the shop to chat with T about your ideas!